Selling in the Minnesota Shorthorn Sale
March 5, 2023 in Cannon Fall, MN

Lot 59 GAL Admiration 8146 ET
Sire: Paintearth Rama 53U
Dam: Creekside Admiration 9U
Bred to JSF Optimal 202H
Due early May with a heifer

Lot 60 GAL/SMF Scarlet D 810 ET
Sire: DRC 101VM (Dover)
Dam: Waukaru Scarlet 392
Bred to JSF Optimal 202H
Due late April

Lot 61 GAL Miss Dover 329 7411 ET
Sire: RS DV 034 329 08
Dam: DRC 4133KC
Bred to AFS Legacy 6H ET
Due mid April with a heifer